black bear shutters classic

Classic Profile

Our Classic profile has been designed specifically to suit the residential roller shutter market in Australia, but are also ideal with many commercial applications.
Our slats are Roll-formed using German built roll forming machines which are the most advanced of their type in the world. They are constructed with a double -walled cavity and injected with a Polyurethane foam, therefore providing great strength and insulation qualities and performance of the slat. The curved shape of the slat provides optimal lateral strength and minimal roll sizes, offering a much smaller head box size.

Black Bear Shutters HDF

HDF Profile

The High Density Foam (HDF) Profile is a proven high-quality and robust slat with remarkable advantages where there is high wind or high risk. The High Density Foam is injected into the slat profile under controlled conditions during the manufacturing roll-forming process.
We offer both restrained and non-restrained guide options. Our HDF filled profile combined with restrained guides have been tested successfully to meet with cyclone category 3 regulations. The HDF unrestrained guides provide an option with standard materials where extra strength and security is required.

Roller Shutter BAL40

Extruded Profile (BAL-40 Rated)

Black Bear’s Extruded Profile is ideal for residential or commercial properties prone to fire hazards, making it the ideal option for BAL-40 rated Fire Shutters.

Manufactured to the highest standards,  our Extruded profile offers superior strength, increased security and performance.

Our BAL-40 Fire Shutters have been extensively tested by the CSIRO under severe bushfire simulated conditions and proved to be able to withstand a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 after 60 minutes. As no ignition or flaming was observed throughout the testing, the shutters have received a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40.

Roller Shutters Installation
Roller Shutters Box Colours

Note: Boxing Colour Options vary between roller shutter profiles, sizes and stock. Installation types vary on a situational basis.

Classic Roller Shutters Colours

Note: Profile Colour Options vary between roller shutter profiles, sizes and stock.

Roller Shutters Control Options

Note: Control Options vary between roller shutter profiles, sizes and stock.

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Why Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutter security


Keep your mind at ease knowing your home, business or more importantly, your family is safe with our aluminium Roller Shutters.

Roller Shutter climate

Climate Control

Our window shutters assist in eliminating those extreme weather conditions by creating another obstacle for heat or cold entering your property.

Roller Shutter privacy

Lighting & Privacy Control

Our extensive window shutter range eliminates almost 100% of light from entering your windows, providing you with all the darkness and privacy you wish for.

Roller Shutter Noise

Noise Reduction

Our Roller Shutters allow you to optimise noise reduction by absorbing external sound inside your home or work place.

Roller Shutter energy saving

Energy Saving

Our domestic Roller Shutters were tested on a typical project home and residential units in Sydney using the National Housing Energy Rating Software.

Roller Shutter BAL40

Bushfire Protection

Our fire rated shutters have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40 and have been extensively tested by the CSIRO under sever bushfire simulated conditions.

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